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WINTER 2019/20

Thanks to all our Fall customers.

Our tree nurseries are now going dormant for the Winter.

In February this website will be updated and ready to receive orders for pickup or shipping in late April or early May.

Until then, may you all enjoy the changing seasons and prepare to welcome in exciting changes for the New Year 2020.


We Ship Canada-Wide

Though located in eastern Ontario, our years of experience have taught us the very best way to transport bare root trees & shrubs across the country. Our expert staff pack your order for shipment using care and quality materials to safeguard your purchase as it travels from our home to yours.

We ship only in early spring and mid-autumn to take advantage of the best planting seasons.

Wooden shoes
A Golden Birch from Golden Bough

Arial photo of Golden Bough

Photo by Eye In The Sky Photography

Sir James Frazer's dense 12-volume masterpiece, The Golden Bough, still forms a cornerstone of social anthropology. Starting from a grove sacred to Diana, south of Rome, the good professor's lifetime study led him to conclude that our ancestors believed in magic as a means of controlling or mitigating elemental forces. These systems of faith began, at least in part, with a reverance for trees. This, in turn, led to religious beliefs in which tribal gods and spirits were propiated by shamans attuned to the emotional needs and fears of their people. To Frazer, the logical third stage in this process was scientific thought. As Robert Temple explains in his Illustrated Golden Bough (an attractive modern abridgement to the original) Frazer's "work made clear for the first time (around 1900) that matters of human belief are important, not so much for their content, as for their psychological significance."

Crop Circle
Photo by Temporary Temples

YGGDRASIL is the name given in Scandinavian mythology to the greatest and most sacred of all trees, which was conceived as binding together heaven, earth, and hell.

It is an ash, whose branches spread over all the world, and reach above the heavens. It sends out three roots in as many different directions: one to the Asa-gods in heaven, another to the Frost giants, the third to the underworld. Under each root springs a wonderful fountain, endowed with marvelous virtues.

From the tree itself springs a honey-dew. The serpent, Nithhoggr, lies at the under-world fountain and gnaws the root of Yggdrasil; the squirrel, Ratatoskr, runs up and down, and tries to breed strife between the serpent and the eagle, which sits aloft. Dr. Oliver (Signs and Symbols, p. 155) considers it to have been the Theological Ladder of the Gothic mysteries.

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